Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Although I don't have anything new and/or exciting to blog about, I do have some continuing thoughts or new insight on stuff I've already written about, so here we go:

Biden My Time

I've pretty much fallen completely in love with Joe Biden. He's been great so far, and he's kinda adorable. I hope he comes to Michigan for an event and gives me a hug. Aviva over at the excellent blog The Birds and the PCBs linked me to this fact sheet published by Grist about how great he is environmentally, so check that out if you're interested. For a nice contrast, here's a similar fact sheet, also from Grist, that details how awful Sarah Palin, McCain's absurd VP pick, is on environmental issues.

Brian in the Hot Dog Joint with the Crossword Puzzle

I am ashamed to say that I did not live up to my commitment to watch the movie version of Clue the other day. It previously was available for online streaming through Netflix, but no more. sigh.

Conventional Wisdom

As I stated earlier, I continue to love Joe Biden and thought his speech was fantastic. I missed Bill, but I hear he was terrific, and I intend to watch his speech soon. Al Gore was also fantastic, particularly when he lumped Big Coal in with Big Oil. It made me so sad for him (he's so presidential!), but he's big enough now in his own right that I suppose it's okay.

As for Barack, I'm of two minds. I thought it was a good speech, to be sure, but I've definitely been more inspired and impressed by past speeches he's given. But as I give it more consideration, I realize that I'm not really the person that he was targeting with that speech. I'm already going to vote for him, so he doesn't need to worry about impressing me further. He was targeting the people that thought he was all rhetoric and no substance, and because of that, it was important that he had "boring" parts that detailed exactly what he wants to try and accomplish. In that sense, it was probably a success.

Also, tomorrow is the one month anniversary of me starting this blog by posting a funny picture. Hooray for not getting bored with it yet!

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