Friday, August 1, 2008

The only thing warm is the blood in our veins

I feel the need for a dose of ferosh on this surpisingly torpid Friday, so I think I'll spotlight one of my favorite bands in recent times: Glass Candy.

One of the flagship acts of the Italians Do It Better label, Glass Candy is firmly rooted in disco traditions, but still bring a modern spin. The band is currently in its second incarnation; a few years ago, they were much punkier and abrasive. The dance element was there, but it wasn't as prominent as it is on their most recent LP, B/E/A/T/B/O/X.

- The lead singer's name is Ida No, which is awesome because she sounds like a Carmen Sandiego villain, i.e. Justin Case or Sara Bellum.
- The beats are way danceable and catchy.
- Although the emphasis is much more on the music and the sound, the lyrics aren't tossed-off; this is still something you can enjoy if you're just hanging out.

- Ida's vocals can get a teensy bit too high-pitched at times. Very infrequently, though.
- Some people don't like fun, so they probably wouldn't like this.

See for yourself if you like fun, and sample my favorite Glass Candy song:

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