Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Meet Sue Bee She

(So what if the challenge was sponsored by Saturn? I just wanted to make a quasi-relevant Miss Kittin reference.)

Yay! Another fun episode. I actually really like the episodes where they use non-traditional materials. I've decided that ten is a reasonable number of outfits to review, so read on for my thoughts on this week's episode and ALL the looks.


Leanne wins! And deservedly so. This photo doesn't quite show how interesting and cool this look was. I'm totally digging Leanne's architectural style. Those hip bumps work surprisingly well, and it was smart of her to stuff the model's undies with muslin to make sure they didn't collapse. The silhouette is really sexy and sleek, and - to make use of this week's buzzword - innovative. The only thing I don't love is the detailing around the bust (it's just a bit wonky), but the judges didn't seem to agree with me, so good for Leanne.


This was a really close contender for the win, and probably didn't quite get there due to its lack of real showiness. It did look a bit scarecrowish on the dressform, but it looked amazingly chic on the model. You really can't tell from a distance that it's made from seatbelts. Korto continues to wow the hell out of me.


This might be Jerell's first outfit I can actually get behind, although I still have minor issues with it. I loved the way he used the car parts on the top; in fact, that top might be my favorite thing that any of the designers created this episode. However, I think the skirt is a bit too short, and the styling is just wacky. The hair is too crazy and that's wayyyyyy too much eyeliner.


I liked Joe's entry this week. He actually described it quite well by calling it a motocross dress. The use of the logo is smart without being distracting, and I really like the collar. My only real complaint is the midsection; is her belly showing or is that just some sort of flesh-toned car-part fabric? If it's belly, I'm way against it.


Whoa. What? I don't get this look. The top is cute, and I like the belt. The skirt (s?) are RIDICULOUS. She did a good job creating her own zebra print, but this looks like a cupcake wrapper sitting on top of a lampshade. Much like her winning goiterdress, no one would wear this, and while that's sometimes okay in fashion, it just doesn't work here.

I'd also just like to comment briefly on the way she reacted when she found out her model had left the competition. First, she didn't seem at all concerned that something bad may have happened to Shannone. (To be fair, this may have been edited out, since Kenley's getting a pretty clear villain edit.) Second, she should have at least greeted her new model with open arms and thanked her for coming back. Instead, she immediately complained that the outfit wouldn't fit. Then she bitched more. She's hardly the first designer put in this position on this show, and she acted completely unprofessionally.

End rant.


This is the perfect outfit for the official Saturn flag twirlers.


Hot! Although Terri's caught some flak for repeatedly going back to pants, she does it so well that it's hard to blame her. I loved that the pants were entirely black in back, and while I'm not sure what the top is made of, it looks like it's just regular fabric. The perfect styling makes this another great look from Terri. On a normal week, she would have placed Top 3, but the designers really stepped it up this time around.


Like the oh-so-fabulous Laura Bennett, I like the idea behind this look. I don't have an issue with the "car wash" skirt, as Michael Kors called it, and the mirror shards are a really clever touch. Where this look takes a sharp turn for the worse (car metaphor!) is the chest. Even in this picture you can see it doesn't quite fit right. It was just so distracting to watch it bend this way and that as she walked down the runway. Still, it was a nice try, and certainly not as bad as the bottom two.


Oh Stella... why would you pick this week to step outside of what you normally do? This challenge was made for her, and she squandered the opportunity to make something "pretty." This is not pretty. This is a mess. The top doesn't match the skirt, and although the horizontal tiered effect of the seatbelt is kinda neat, there are some serious construction issues there. Keith's jackassery and the fact that Stella makes for great TV probably combined to save her.


OhmygodKeithwasjustaskingtogetpunchedthisweek. Argh. I'd like to think that his repeated comments about being underappreciated for his genius, world-altering work were just a product of editing, but there certainly seemed to be enough different examples of his martyr complex. YOUR STUFF IS NOT THAT GOOD. Sorry. In my mind, there was an awesome runway fight where Laura Bennett completely eviscerated Keith with a few bon mots and a condescending laugh. As far as I'm concerned, Michael Kors took it easy on him. Can you imagine if Nina were there for his little hissy fit? She would have gone the fuck off.

Oh right, he made an outfit. This is just ridiculously blasé and unflattering. It makes her look wider while completely washing her out, and the skirt is a mess. (And blaming that on the model was just disgusting. He's the one who made a skirt that she couldn't sit in. Maybe he should have sent her to hair and makeup before dressing her. Idiot.) The back of the top (not visible here) was bizarre; it looked like it was from an entirely different outfit. Overall, as Laura pointed out, there's really no concept here. Sure, it doesn't look like car parts, but it's still not good clothes. Keith will not be missed.

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