Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Lipstick Bungle

While I'm not one of those who is claiming this to be an awful season of Project Runway, last night's episode wasn't very satisfying for me. I didn't truly love any of the designs (in fact, if I were a judge, I'd be tempted to declare that no one won the challenge), and I found the episode fairly dull. Thank God Chris March is coming back for Drag Queen Challenge next week. Having said all that, let's get into my assessment of this week's looks. And since it was teams and therefore more manageable, I'm even going to review all six outfits!


I guess I can agree with this being the winner, although I still have a couple problems with it. The first is that just adjusting the sleeves didn't feel like enough of a day-to-night change for me, and with all the harping on that topic, I'm surprised Keith didn't get called on it at all. Also, you can't quite tell from this picture, but the skirt seemed kind of Muppety as it moved down the runway. (God, that would be an awesome challenge - design for Miss Piggy! Or Sweetums! Or the Mahna Mahna guys!) I did like the top however, and the colors work together nicely. I'm just reluctant to give this team of Annoying People any credit, but in a weak field, this probably deserved to take it.


I guess I'm the only one who can't imagine this being worn in an office. I know it's supposed to be a creative office or something, but still, I would have a hard time taking this person seriously in a work setting. Brooke was right about the zebra belt being too much look, and the top is too shiny. I just don't get Jerell's style at all. Both of the middle teams were more deserving of a top two spot.


I probably would have put this in the top two. Although it too seems a little bit too much for the workplace, I find it more probable than Jerell's look. I love the print on that fabric, and I also like that Terri went with pants (which seems to be a specialty of hers.) I really like the slanting belt as well. Again, my major issue is that an off-the-shoulder top probably wouldn't be appropriate for the office. Otherwise, I'd give this the win.


Before getting into the outfit, can I just say how refreshing it was to see Joe and Korto handle their teamwork problems in a mostly mature way? I could see where each one was coming from, and it seemed like after their discussion, they could too. Anyway, I like the idea behind this look a lot, but it didn't really come together for me. The sleeves are far too big, and although it looks better than it did while they were working, the jacket could still be cinched more. I still liked it better than Jerell's, though.


I don't really get how Blayne didn't get kicked off for this. It has nothing to do with the challenge. You can't wear this to work and you'd look silly wearing it out. It looks like she grabbed three completely different items from her closet and tossed them on. Individually, they're not so bad, but together, it's just wacky. Seriously, what kind of executive wears shorts and a man-shirt? To paraphrase a commenter at Project Rungay, it terrifies me to imagine what it's going to take to get Blayne kicked off this show. (Maybe his outfit for a pterodactyl at gay Jurassic Park?)


This also had some serious problems, although I thought the judges were a bit unfair to Kelli. The taste issues were no worse than Blayne's design, but once the issue came up, it was obvious she was going home. The midriff-baring top was all wrong, though, and the jacket could have at least been a bit more demure in hiding the sluttiness. I do like the belt a lot. I just didn't see what made this so much worse than Blayne's, and Kelli had a much better track record than he. Ah well.

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Best quote of the season:'t-Know-What-He's-Packing