Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scheduling with Nina Garcia

Is it wrong to decide one's class schedule based on aesthetics? There's a class I'm currently enrolled in for the fall that I'm mentally wavering on, and I may have found a new criterion to determine whether I should take it. Here is what my Google Calendar will look like without the course (click for bigger):

So pretty! So symmetrical! All in all, I find it very aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a puzzle piece, or an early Mondrian painting, or a Sesame Street representation of the number seven. Now, here's my schedule with the class added:

BARF. VOM. Awful! The addition of that course makes me feel like my entire schedule is going to tip to the left and crash entirely. It's the rocks in Virginia Woolf's pocket. It's an anchor on a canoe. It's the cement boots on a mob victim. IT'S TERRIBLE. Oh, what will I do?

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