Monday, September 22, 2008

Keep On Rockin' Me, Tina

At last night's Emmy awards, 30 Rock, nominated for 17 awards (the most ever for a comedy series!) pretty much cleaned up. Tina Fey first won for Best Writing on a Comedy Series. Next, Alec Baldwin won Best Actor in a Comedy Series, followed by another win for Tina Fey as Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Finally, Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White (!) presented Tina and the entire cast with the award for Best Comedy Series. Color me overjoyed. 30 Rock is by far my favorite show on television right now, and it's fantastic to see it get all the recognition it deserves. Hopefully, now people will start watching it, since it's been in danger of cancellation pretty much since its inception. Although I'll probably write a longer love post when the show comes back around in a month, for now, I shall revel.

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