Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forty Days of Foliage: Day 18

Vegetarianism continues to be both difficult and not much of a problem at all. My main concern is that I'm not being terribly inventive about what I eat. My most common dish seems to follow this pattern:

- Find what vegetables are in the fridge.
- Chop them up.
- Saute them.
- Put them over rice/pasta.

While this is often tasty, I can't help feeling like I could be more creative about this. I'm going to make a big cabbage soup soon, so that'll be something new, and I still have to try and cook tofu, which I'm somewhat afraid of. (It just seems so... tricky.) Restaurants continue to be somewhat obnoxious; salads are good, but other dishes are less satisfying. (Example: Veggie sub.)

Overall, though, this has been not very difficult, and I'm considering it extending it past Lent in slightly modified fashion. Perhaps just meat once a week?

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Nanc Twop said...

Just in case you still need one, here's a link to an easy recipe for Tofu with Garlic Sauce. When I do it similarly, I just make a garlic sauce, and simmer the cut-up tofu on top of it (but I have no official recipe so I linked hers)... have fun!