Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Bright Lights, Big City

Because the Internet clearly doesn't have enough people expressing their opinions about Project Runway, I've decided to add my occasional thoughts. (By occasional, I mean there will likely be a new Project Runway Rundown the next day after every. single. episode.) There's still too many damn people to talk about every outfit, so I'm going to comment on just those that received Top 3/Bottom 3 ranking this episode.


Umm... hmm. I'm still sort of scratching my head over the Kenley win. There's no denying this is a very well-executed look, but there's just so much to hate about it. The print is initially pretty, but the more you look at it, the barfier it becomes. On further thought, I like the sleeve length, but that bulge of ombre? tulle? is just so strange. Besides that, a comment made by Sandra Bernhard during the judging of this dress has prompted my first official Project Runway Rule:

Project Runway Season 5 Rule #1: If your dress causes the word "goiter" to come up in the judging, you are disqualified from winning.

Anyway, I would have optimally placed Kenley in the middle somewhere.


That skirt is amazing, especially considering the amount of time she conceptualized and made it in. I was actually rooting for Leanne to be booted last week (if only to save my reality TV bf Wesley), but I'm glad she proved her worth on this one. This probably should have been the winner.


This was my personal pick for the win, although I can understand why others disagree. I thought this was a fun, unique, interesting look that actually made me not hate dress+pants combo. I hate to agree with a wonky Michael Kors assessment, but she really did seem like a girl you would want to know. I'm just afraid Terri's going to get Alison'd after being consistently pretty awesome (see: last week's robbery of her not even being Top 3!).


Blech. This was my pick for the loss. It was just... nothing. The concept was lame, there was no shape; it was all just hanging there. Blech.


Admittedly, this was also pretty bad - I would have placed it second-to-last. She really needs to lose the claims on surrealism, because it's just not there. I feel like there is some creativity and an interesting perspective in Jennifer, but I fear she's not long for this competition.


Okay, yes. This wasn't great. It was in fact bad, and probably deserved Bottom 3 placement. But I agree with Emily - no way was this the losing dress. Like Kenley's dress, there's a lot to hate, especially the weird placement of the ruffle (it's like a connect-the-dots from the boob to her gooch.) Having said that, I thought the black dress underneath was cute and well-made, and I liked the peach on the neckline. Emily absolutely deserved to stay over Jennifer or Keith.

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